Attica: The region where the history meets the future and modern culture!
Geographically the Attica Prefecture is divided into two major subsections, the capital region and the rest of Attica. The capital region includes the city of Athens (capital of Greece), city f Piraeus and bounded by the Saronic Gulf and the mountains of Parnitha, Hymettus and Penteli, defining the Attica basin.

Athens City Center

Attica is synonymous with Athens, the capital of Greece.

A sprawling modern metropolis, and yet as you go around, you feel as if you walk in and out of the past. Goddess Athena watches on you from the Holy Rock as you stroll along the narrow passages of the old town. And then, just a few short steps away, you enter a bustling commercial area with classy shops!

This is where the Parthenon, that marvel of architecture, was created. Wherever you stand, wherever you turn, you will be enfolded by the city’s long and rich history.

Modern, but also romantic, with busy streets and squares, shop windows that are a riot of colour, but also little alleys in quiet, peaceful neighborhoods such as Plaka.

Here you will find whatever your heart desires.

The Suburbs of Attica

The Southern Suburbs

Athens Riviera: A few kilometres outside Athens, the urban landscape gives way to a unique seaside.

The southern parts of Attica in Greece, face the sea, forming the city's summer face. Here, the leading role is played by the suburb of Glyfada: heart of the trade, finance, gastronomy and entertainment in the area.

Hotels, a multitude of stores, marinas, restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs, major attractions and the buzz of life composite the scenery of the Athenian Riviera. The green of nature and the blue of the sea form the scenery of the suburb of Vouliagmeni, ideal for a walk and lunch by the sea.

The south suburbs of Paleon Faliron, Kalamaki, Alimos and Ellinikon are also at the seafront, favourite summer destinations for swimming and fun.

Combined with the ideal climate, the Athens Riviera makes you feel as if you’re on an endless summer holiday.

The Nothern Suburbs

The northern side of Attica is characterised by high mountains and lush greenery. Therefore, the northern suburbs have traditionally been the residential area of wealthy families that opted to live close to nature and away from the bustle of the cities.

Psichiko, Filothei, Maroussi, Kifissia: Psichiko and Filothei suburbs were constructed at the end of 1920's, influenced by the architectural style of English garden cities. Nowadays, they are very quiet residence areas with beautiful villas, rich vegetation and wide streets.

The Western Suburbs

Just outside the centre of Athens, the western suburbs have their own unique character, cultural identity and top-notch entertainment.

Egaleo and Eleusis feature important archaeological finds, while Peristeri, Nikaia and Koridalos bring out the beauty of everyday life as you wander the streets among shopping centres and squares with ample cafés and terraces.

The Eastern Suburbs

To the eastern side of Attica in Greece, behind the mountain ranges of Hymettus and Penteli, you can visit the historic area of Marathon, the archaeological site of Artemis in Vravron, and the port of Lavrion with its historical fish market

Spata International Airport and many great beaches can also be found in the eastern parts of Attica.

Cape Sounion is situated on the south-eastern side of Attica. The Temple of Poseidon, ever watchful for invaders from the sea, adds to the beauty of this historical site. Stone, marble, earth, sea and sky are the very core of Attica’s history.


Piraeus is the largest port in Attica and, indeed, the whole country. It has all the main characteristics of a port, such as a large market and good food options.

One can find some major attractions in downtown Piraeus, while the areas around the port have very good taverns serving great food and ouzo, overlooking the fishing boats and little private boats. Kastella, Mikrolimano and Pasalimani stand out as having the best food and the most buzzing nightlife, all complemented by a view over the Saronic Gulf.

Attica's islands

Athens and Attica region includes some of the most charming Greek islands. Explore nearby Aegina, Agistri, and Poros, or journey to Troezen, Spetses, and Hydra off the opposite coast, all perfect for day trips and a little adventure.

Those closest islands to Athens and Attica haves a unique feel.