In the northern part of Greece you will discover Macedonia, Epirus and Thrace, areas of amazing attractions. There is so much to see:  famous cities such as Kavala, Veria, Ksanthi and Alexandroupolis;  important archaeological sites such as Dion, Vergina, Pella and Philippi;  and of course, the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches in the popoular summer destinations of the Chalkidiki peninsula.


Mostly mountainous, but also a land with beautiful beaches that stretch from the Ionian Sea to the borders of West Macedonia and Thessaly. The coasts of Epirus in the Ionian Sea offer some of the best beaches in Greece and also great tourist resorts, such as Parga, Syvota and Preveza. This region is famous for its alternative tourism is possibilities: canoe-kayak and rafting in the Aoos and Voidomatis rivers; horse riding, skiing or trekking in Konitsa and Metsovo. Regions such as Zagori, Metsovo, Konitsa, Tzoumerka etc. are some of the best destinations in Greece.


Visit Macedonia where you will encounter unique images. Explore this magnificent place in Greece where east meets west. The imposing – and almost perennial snowy – massifs of unique beauty boast Mt Olympus, the country's most famous and highest mountain, which is followed by the equally beautiful Pangaio, Kaimaktsalan (Voras) and Falakro mountains, where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding during winter. The water element is significantly present with some of the most important rivers and lakes in Greece flowing through Macedonia.

Visit the metropolis of the North, Thessaloniki, with an intriguing multi-ethnic history and arty counter culture. It is a lively modern city, bustling with energy and verve. Built amphitheatrically around the sea, facing Mount Olympus on the distant horizon, it has always been a centre of different civilizations, cultures, nations and religions. Discover breathtaking Halkidiki with its clear waters and golden sand beaches, bays, little islands and green landscapes that will make your dream vacation come true! Don’t miss, the unique beauty of Serres nature, the picturesque cities of Drama, Kavala on the East and Kastoria and Naousa on the West.


Thrace is an area of amazing natural beauty, a land where Greek legend has placed the mythical home of Orpheus. It is famous for its pristine, beautiful countryside that makes it a paradise for outdoor recreation, adventure and exploration.

This part of Greece has it all: the Rodopi (Rhodope) mountain range and Mt. Saos on Samothrace Island in the Thracian Sea; the rivers Evros, Nestos and Ardas; Lakes Vistonida and Ismarida; Dadia forest and the Evros River Delta where internationally acclaimed wetlands are located; fertile valleys, dense forests and endless stretches of white sandy beaches.

Archaeological sites include ancient Greek, Byzantine, medieval and Ottoman monuments that have all added to Thrace’s rich cultural heritage whose key characteristic is the peaceful co-existence of Christian and Muslim traditions.