Greece’s, and Europe’s, southernmost peninsula. A land with innumerable scenic places, natural wonders and famous archeological sites, where powerful city-states once flourished.

Achaia, with the port of Patra, offers easy connections to Italy and the Ionian islands. Mountain villages boast superb views and an insight into the daily lives of the residents. Ilia, the birthplace of Olympic Games.

Messinia with its towns and small villages set among fertile farmlands and olive groves. The region has a lot of attractions to offer the tourist, such as Pilos, the seaside town known also as Navoroni is the site of the famous naval battle.

Laconia: travel back in time and visit the rock of Monemvasia and the Byzantine castle state of Mystra, with its incredible churches and monasteries.

Arcadia: a varied landscape with mountains, lush fields and forests. It was in this region that Pan cavorted with the nymphs while playing his pipes. Arcadia is ruggedly beautiful, with its small villages and ancient castles.

Argolida lies between the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs. The town of Argos , from which the area derives its name, was, together with Thebes, one of the most powerful city states in ancient Greece . The area is rich in archaeological sites, and the southern coast is popular with Athenians for short breaks away from the bustle of the city.

Corinthia offers numerous archaeological sites, many superb beaches and resorts along with small inland villages to explore. Loutraki is a tourist resort and a curative station with its famous hot springs and the natural mineral waters. The Casino of Loutraki is internationally renowned and it is also the number one Casino in Europe.